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Policies you should invest in for benfits:

Invest in a Retirement Annuity

With a retirement annuity you either invest a monthly amount or a lump sum into it. This money grows over time in your chosen funds and you can access this money when you retire. One third of this money will be paid to you as a lump-sum and the remainder must be used to purchase an annuity which will pay you a monthly income. Retirement annuities are a great way to save on tax now. Retirement annuities allow for tax deductions. These deductions will often put you into a lower tax bracket which means you will pay less tax now.

Invest in an Endowment Policies

With an Endowment policy you either pay a monthly amount or a lump sum into it. An endowment is a term investment policy. The minimum term is usually 5 years. You can withdraw your funds within the first 5 years but you may incur a penalty. Endowment polices are particularly beneficial to high income individuals in high tax brackets.

Invest in Unit Trusts

With a unit trust policy you either pay a monthly amount or a lump sum into it. The main benefit of Unit trusts are that your funds are very accessible. You can access your funds at any time without incurring any penalties. Unit trusts are particularly beneficial to Lower income individuals in low tax brackets.

Invest in Pension/Provident Preserver’s

If you leave your employer before you retire chances are that you have built up a decent amount in your pension and/or provident fund. The answer is to invest these funds into a preservation fund. The benefits are that you can invest these funds without paying tax and you have the option of taking one withdrawal before retirement.

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