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Life Cover

Life Cover Solutions

The types of policies and benefits we provide:

Personal Life Cover Insurance

Life cover will pay out a specified amount to your chosen beneficiary in the event of your death.

Lump Sum Disability

Will Pay you a specified lump-sum if you become Disabled. If you are completely unable to work because of your Disability you will be paid your full sum insured. You may also be paid out lower amounts for Medical Impairment conditions such as loss of a limb or loss of hearing.

Severe Illness

Most people think that their Medical Aid will cover all their Medical expenses if they contract a serious severe illness. The fact is that there are usually always shortfalls that are not covered. It is important to have Severe Illness cover in place to cover these medical shortfalls and to provide for any other financial losses you may incur whilst you are ill. Severe Illness cover will pay you a specified lump-sum for a vast range of Severe Illness’s. Some of the more common ones are Cancer, Stroke and HIV.

Income Protection

Will Pay you a specified monthly income in the event that you are unable to work permanently or temporarily.  This income you will receive is usually equal to 75% of your income.

Key-Man Policies

If you are a business owner chances are that you a have least one employee who is indispensable!! A key man policy will pay out to the business in the event of the Death or permanent Disability of this employee. This will allow the company to source and train a new employee without impacting negatively on the company’s finances.

Buy-Sell Agreement

If you are in a business partnership it is particularly important to have a Buy-Sell Agreement in place. Chances are that if one of the partners Dies, his/her share of the business will be inherited by their spouse. This means that the spouse will now have say on how the business must be run. With a Buy-Sell Agreement in place it means that if one partner dies, the proceeds from the Buy-sell Agreement will be used to buy the company shares from the deceased partner’s spouse. The spouse is obliged to sell the shares back to the surviving partners.

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